Web development

Looking to have a well-structured website that perfectly aligns with your business?
Together, we'll explore the components and functionalities your website should have.
Based on these requirements, 13thFool is here to assist you with the development of a custom website.

We build attractive, clear and optimally functioning websites and webshops tailored to your needs with a focus on graphic aspects and user-centric design.
We ensure that users can navigate effortlessly and purposefully, making necessary information immediately accessible, regardless of the screen size.


We view wireframing as the foundation for your future website or webshop.
We use wireframing to quickly provide an overview of the layout and the content for your website, webshop, or even your printing needs.

This is an essential part of the UX design (User Experience) process.
With a focus on the customer's user experience, we create a smooth flow to thoughtfully handle the placement of content on your website or webshop.
The structure and the core elements are outlined and analyzed in wireframing, paving the way for the development of the actual website.

Do you want to obtain a graphic representation of your wireframe first?
Then, we can transform it into a mockup that represents your business.

Content Management System

We specialize in developing original and user-friendly custom websites and webshops.
The brand identity and the core values of your business serve as the foundation for the design.

In crafting your custom website we utilize the CMS of WordPress, which makes your website dynamic and allows you to modify content yourself if desired.

For the foundation of your custom webshop we employ WooCommerce.
This enables you to independently add products to your online store and easily manage them.

UI & UX design

The design of the UI (User InterfaceI) should be visually appealing with thoughtful placement of various elements.
The UI (User Interface) is crafted so that fonts, colors, icons and content harmonize with each other.

Websites and webshops not only need to look good but also a good UX (User Experience) or functionality is important!
Simple navigation, logical structure and strategic placement of your content in alignment with your brand strategy and how you want to reach your target audience are essential for the success of your custom website or webshop.

Create a website

Do you want to have an original custom webshop or website created for your business?
We are happy to think along with you!

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